API Liquidity

Leading infrastructure and liquidity provisioning that enables institutional and enterprise projects

API Liquidity

About the services

Done.com delivers virtually unlimited access to crypto and fiat liquidity and market making on demand. 

Using either our advanced API options to integrate directly with your own software or executing manually via the Done.com dashboard, regardless of your technical acumen, you can harness every second in the fast-paced world of financial markets. 

  • Developer centric solutions with scalable APIs that evolve with your business.
  • Instant access to over $100million USD on all major pairs & further access to over $1billion USD on demand. 
  • No code friendly options with manual dashboard execution. 
  • 24/7 support & industry leading developers on demand. 

About the Service 

Our API liquidity solution provides the foundation for launching globally competitive products and services on top of our liquidity infrastructure. 

With developer first solutions, use familiar languages to quickly prototype your ideas and create production-ready financial service applications on a comprehensive API-powered platform with REST, WebSocket, FIX options available.

By leveraging the bank-grade security that is built into all aspects of our platform, we ensure best-in-class governance at the highest level of security for integration partners and the customers you serve.

If coding is not your organization’s strong suit, either take advantage of our team of world leading software developers, available on demand to build your vision from the ground up, or for less time sensitive operations, simply execute manually through the Done.com proprietary dashboard. 

Why choose Done.com?

Done.com have worked with some of the best developers in the fintech space & invested millions of dollars into the most advanced technology stack available in the market today. 

By leveraging it to underwrite your own project, you will be able to deliver the same market leading performance that we offer directly to our own clients. As a technology first company, we work side by side with you to make the vision of your project a reality with institutional grade security and trade execution. 

How to get started. 

To simply plug our liquidity provision into your existing software, all you have to do is complete our KYC procedures and have your developers integrate our API into your system.

Otherwise, should you desire to build something from the ground-up or anything in between, our development consultants are available to discuss the nuances of your requirements and work on your behalf.


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A technology first financial services and infrastructure company

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