Meet the next generation of digital finance strives to be the best in an ever expanding industry for an unrivalled customer experience. We take pride in providing the best for our clients.

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What makes stand out from the rest?

Our desktop and mobile platform were made with adaptability and responsivness in mind to ensure that you have full access and control wherever you go


Our team constantly looks for ways to improve the product and provide you with new and improved features


Utilizing only the latest and most rigorously tested platforms, ensuring ease of use and security


Funds are sent to your own storage, off the internet and safe from any mal-actors. The wallet is only connected when you are using it

The Done Difference

Dual Layered Wallets

Use to maintain custody locally, store your crypto in multi-layered wallets, allowing you full control and to keep your funds your own.*


The QuickSwap functionality allows you exchange your assets in a split second without waiting for the blockchain to confirm for a flat fee.

Portfolio Tools

Simplified portfolio management with grouping of stable coins, yield based tokens and coins, general crypto and fiat. Making management simple.

* Custodial based services are available depending on country of residence, jurisdiction of operation, and/or citizenship.
Subject to provincial legislation compliance in Ontario, and subject to Canadian federal guidelines and regulations.

Fast and Fluid prides itself on being one of the smoothest and simplest user experiences for a cryptocurrency exchange on the market. We keep in touch with our core design philosophy when improving the platform to ensure our clients always feel at home.

The user experience travels with you no matter where you are due to the responsive nature of our website that remains the same, regardless of the device you're using.

What makes us stand out from the rest?


Our team is dedicated to consistent research and development in order to guarantee new features and ease of use through out the entire experience.


Our stack is isolated on each level, ensuring a breach can't make it's way up and harm our customers. We are audited by various companies for your peace of mind.


We use proprietary, fully custom technology tailor made for speed and security. Our API documentation provides more details and transparency.


We have a dedicated team to assist you, should the need arise, with any questions or concerns you may have when using our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What payment methods do you support? supports VISA, MasterCard, Interac E-Transfer, SEPA Instant Transfer and many more depending on your location. We also support bank-to-bank SWIFT should our clients require it.


Can I use API tools and is API integration supported?

All of the API tools and documentation is environment for all to read and test in a pre-built sandbox environment. We encourage everyone to see what is possible and if there are any features that you may be interested in please reach out to our developers and we will do everything we can to assist you.


What are your current security standards? is fully compliant with PCI DSS, ensuring the security of your payment information. Our exchange operations are secured with AES-265 bit GCM encryption, indubitably keeping our systems safe and secure from encryption failure. Tamper-proofing is also enabled for our most critical systems.


Is my information and data safe?

We do not sell your personal information, trading strategies, wallet information and anything of that sort to third parties. is GDPR and
MiFID II (DIRECTIVE 2014/65/EU) compliant.

What our clients say

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“The best customer service” provides outstanding support. I was met with helpful client advisors who went out above and beyond to resolve my issue.

Karen C.
Beta Test Customer

“A truly great exchange”

Low spreads and lightning fast speeds. Markets move fast, makes sure I can keep up with featureful yet fast trading interface.

Robert M.
Beta Test Customer

“An amazing platform”

These days, you never know how safe your money is with foreign exchanges based in some remote island; I was very happy when I found is regulated in Canada. Peace of mind with an easy to use trading platform to boot.

Sophie B
Beta Test Customer

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