The story behind our company is on a mission to provide genuine value in products that feel familiar and are risk free*, to provide peace of mind and ease of use for everyone.

The numbers speak for themselves


Transactions a Second

Our system is capable of handling up to 80 million transaction a second, in order to ensure you never fall behind


Up-Time Guarantee*

Thanks to extensive stress testing, we have been able to prepare for anything thrown at us.


24H Trading Volume

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Crypto Market Cap

Cryptocurrencies is exploding at an unprecedented rate. Our goal is to provide a platform you can trust

Our mission strives to provide the an experience unlike any other. We spearhead the most cutting edge technologies into the retail trading space, cementing our name as a market leader in both the Canadian and global markets.

Our vision

Innovation does not have to be complicated, convoluted and hard to access. The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is evolving at an unprecedented rate and we work to remove barriers to entry to the wider financial market while providing products that provide genuine value.

The values that drive everything we do

Our company values are not only what we present to our clients and the public, but also our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles in everything we do



At Done, we are carefully crafting a unique socioeconomic structure and a community that is for made for everyone. Everyone is welcome to work with us and join us!



The concept of ownership has been diluted by banks, brokers, and more. Our goal is to give the power and control back to the users. Your hard earned money belongs to you!



Product obsession is what drives us. We are constantly focused on improving the end product. We are here to educate and inspire as well as work with others! Get in touch.



Done is on the cutting edge of financial technology. We support projects that are aligned with our values and want to trail blaze a path to financial sovereignty.



We simplify the process of purchasing digital assets. Our platform is open for users of every level, with world-class support and assistance.


Team Work

There are no small characters. In our team playbook, we focus on each other's strengths and work equally hard to achieve spectacular results.

Done is taking a revolutionary step into the fintech industry

“Working with forward thinking partners and investors is crucial for inciting change. Our goal is to change the fintech landscape and this can only be done with the brilliant, risk taking team and community we have.”

Konrad Baj
Chief Executive Officer

The amazing team behind our company

Instituition & Done Direct Team

Anthony Zompanti

OTC Client Manager

Kalil Langston

OTC & Institutional Mgmt.

Uriel Fedricio

OTC & Institutional Mgmt.

Derek Trymanski

OTC & Institutional Mgmt.

Attilio Polsinelli

Accounts Management

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