Mathew Fernandez

Chief Marketing Officer

Unlike those afraid to explore the digital world, Matthew Fernandez established himself as an innovator and built up a massive amount of influence within the cryptocurrency space. Leveraging knowledge gained through his years of experience, Matthew has developed a brand that has expanded internationally through marketing via word of mouth and social media.

Matthew founded “The Generation Next Network” in November 2018 after realizing his vocation to impact lives by providing education on the financial markets. Within the past three years he has expanded the company from 0 to 1000s of users worldwide.

He has participated and hosted in some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency events: including countries such as the UK, USA, and Canada to name a few. Just this past year, Matthew traveled to over 33 cities, hosting launch events expanding awareness to the ever evolving digital currency space.

After seeing what is possible in the cryptocurrency space, but also noticing the short-comings of a lot of the current methods available for users entering the cryptocurrency space Matthew is excited to partner with He is utilizing his past experience to ensure all functions regarding branding, customer experience and customer outreach promote global adoption/expansion of this company and most importantly giving users the right place to enter this novel market.

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Mathew Fernandez
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