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Explore the features of our various offered products below. No matter what you need our custom solutions team will be able to assist you with your project. Read more information below and get in touch with us today!

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Implement blockchain technology anywhere with DoneX

Our solutions are tailor made on a client by client basis. Ensure you have the best available for your intended application
Liquidity Provider
Exchange Platform
High-volume trading
Mobile Trading
Decentralized Apps
Corporate BlockchaIn
Cryptoasset Compliance
IPO & Private Sale
Tokenization and Token Building
Blockchain Development
Asset Security Consulting

Empowering every founder with a solid foundation

Businesses built on DoneX excel. Tried and true technology to get you ahead of the curve and on your way to the top of the markets.
Utilize a world class network to get ahead

DoneX is uniquely able to offer services no other provider can. As a brand under the umbrella of business analytics firm Prealia, we provide marketing and management support beyond the technology development mandate.

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Synergy Admin Panel

Your one stop shop for all things exchange - manage the entirety of the deployment, access user lists, compliance data and financial reporting from a single webpage. It's mobile optimized because we understand budding founders are always on the go. Find your synergy.

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Fast Frontend

DoneX prides itself on it's versatile software and the exchange offering is no exception. The frontend is built completely in Flutter for a fast and fluid user experience across all platforms.

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Launch with the best stack

Fast, fluid and self healing, ensure your clients have a one of a kind exchange experience by utilizing DoneX' groundbreaking technologies.

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Integrations and Partners


Ramp integrations

On and Off ramps are critical to operations as they allow users to onboard with fiat or crypto. Ensuring a smooth and easy process is needed for customer retention and our partners below are some of the best for this process.


Monitoring integrations

An anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program helps businesses, including traditional financial institutions—as well as those entities identified in government regulations, such as money-service businesses and insurance companies—uncover suspicious activity associated with criminal acts, including money laundering and terrorist financing.


Custody integrations

Custodians safeguard digital assets by ensuring that investors' private keys are maintained securely. This is achieved by either storing the assets online, a method called hot storage, or offline, known as cold storage, or through a multiple approval approach, known as multi-signature and smart contract wallets.

"Monudax designed custom solutions we needed for to become a leader in the market. The team is phenomenal and driven beyond compare. I look forward to working with them for years to come."

Ben Padnos
Executive Director
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