White-Label Crypto Solutions for Financial Institutions

Easily integrate the full extent of our Exchange, OTC Desk and On-Ramping capabilities with your existing systems & leverage the power of DoneX

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“Having faced the same frustrations as many others in the exchange software market, the team at Done.com have poured what seem like endless hours and resources into developing the most advanced, dynamic & comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure available today.

 In doing so, we now find ourselves in the powerful position to enable financial services companies to fully capitalize on the ever growing opportunities that the crypto market presents.”

Institutional Grade White-label Crypto Exchange & OTC Desk Solutions for Financial Services Companies

Whether it be a centralized, decentralized ‘DEX’ or our unique ‘Hybrid’ solution that best fits your business goals, the DoneX system delivers: 

  • Absolute ownership, control and oversight of your system with a central dashboard that, unlike most white-label providers, ensures that your exchange, your customers & your business practices, remain yours.
  • Access to over a $1billion in liquidity on all major pairs at lightning speed. 
  • Seamless on/off ramping with all major payment providers and international banking systems. 
  • Agile and automated market making that ensures you are seizing opportunities in real time while mitigating market volatility.   

We prioritize top-tier security, regulatory compliance, and unparalleled scalability to empower your institution to excel in the digital asset space.

Users signed up rate: +15.6%
Push notification open rate: +9.6%
Email open rate: +35%
Business results: +400% user base
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DoneX In Numbers
Faster time-to-market

compared to a solution built completely from the ground up or certain other whitelalbel options

Lead generation

by having a ready-to-go platform when marketing

Faster start

for the userbase and funds ingress happens faster and leads to more capital

Active users

across all deployed instances of the Monudax platform

Spent in R&D

we did all the heavy lifting to ensure Built and optimized just for yo

Team members

ready to help you further your business around the clock

DoneX and Modularity

Our approach to our products always puts adaptability first.
Self & Managed Hosting
DoneX systems can be hosted on whatever cloud provider you choose, provided they have stable performance. Including but not limited to AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Hetzner Online and Scaleway
Asset Support
All of our platforms support various cryptoassets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Chainlink, Tether, USDC, Solana and many more!
Universal Platform
Our platform is built from the ground up to be used on various devices, from laptop, desktops, to mobile and tablet. Our premier exchange solution comes with Web, iOS and Android apps.
Custom UI/UX
Each deployment of DoneX is uniquely built for it's application. Our front-end can be customized to align with your existing branding, leading to a more cohesive and clean user experience.
Synergy Panel
The Synergy panel is more than just an admin panel. It has KPIs, AML tools, KYC, Reporting and Asset Management all in one convenient place.
Docker-centric design
The DoneX premier exchange solution is fully modular and container-based. Using tried and true Docker technology allows for superior failover and performance scaling.
Seamless Fiat to Cryptoasset
Monudax has integrations with Stripe, Interac, and many banking partners to ensure there are no barriers for your users.
Market Making
The system can self regulate the market conditions on exchange based on set parameters or copy from exchanges like Binance, Kraken and more.
API & Developer Functions
GraphQL based API available for both front-end and back-end development, enable your users to use your Monudax solution in their custom apps or do something entirely custom with an in-house team
Credit Card
Our Fiat processing options include MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Discover and JCB. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are offered for added protection
Custom Funding Options
An existing payment solution in your locality (i.e Blik in Poland) can leverage various processor APIs and our own to fund a Monudax exchange account.
Detailed Accounting
The reporting for Monudax exchange solutions is akin to something from a retail bank. Every transaction is logged and categorized, generating reports as CSV/Excel
Initial Exchange Offering and Initial Coin Offering is built into the exchange solution, ensuring a frictionless launch for both your exchange and any new currencies that want to partake in an ICO.
Grow your userbase fast with tier based referral incentives and discounts on fees. Linked into Rewards module.
Offer incentives to your users for being a loyal customer. Fee discounts, special spreads and more can be set. Advanced fee scale management is available through Synergy
Staking and interest on locked fund functionality is also available*
AML/KYC Compliance
Our APIs can make linking the Monudax KYC module to any AML implementation required for exchanges in your jurisdiction.
Ramp Network
Allow users to buy crypto without leaving your dApp or wallet. Increase conversion. An easy to integrate on and off ramp for your wallet or exchange.

Resources for growing your product

With so much to take into account, we provide as many resources as possible to our users. Although we can assist you through the tech side, scaling and growing a globally renowned brand is in your hands and in our best interest!

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