Use Cases for Crypto

Published on
September 26, 2022
Published by
Mathew Fernandez

There are many use cases for crypto around the world and many places that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment which make it convenient for users to pay for certain things.

Some examples include:

• Bitcoin as well as many other cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase airplane tickets through different airlines. Airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, Spirit, United, etc, just to name a few.
• As discussed earlier bitcoin is peer-to-peer meaning there is no interruption of transactions from any government or bank so this means that if you have funds available paying with crypto is a very smooth and easy process.
• You can purchase flights from anywhere without the need for a physical card as long as you can access your online e-wallet.

• Some sports betting sites will allow you to bet with cryptocurrency.
• Sites such as, Stake, Cloudbet, Sportsbet, BetOnline, etc.
• If we take a look at Stake for example, it allows you to bet on sports and casino games using ten different types of cryptocurrencies. Betting using cryptocurrency on stake has its perks as it offers VIP perks, cash back and bonuses.
• Cryptocurrencies are being used to refine the way policies are governed in online gaming platforms, private organizations and clubs.

Credit cards
• Many exchanges now even offer credit cards which you can fund and every time you use them in store or online there are different perks you can get from using the card including percentages back on crypto with every transaction. Any credit card through an exchange you apply for will have its own set of rewards and perks associated with it.

Purchasing a Vehicle or Real Estate
• Some car dealerships accept crypto as a form of payment. One of the major ones is Tesla. You are able to purchase a tesla using cryptocurrency.
• People are now able to also purchase real estate with cryptocurrency as well through many different options.

• There are two different types of NFT’s Solana based and Ethereum based NFT’s.
• These are digital pieces of art and using either Ethereum or Solana people are able to mint/purchase these digital pieces of art and flip them for a profit or hold long term.
• Make sure to do your research on certain NFT projects you plan on investing into.