These are the currently available services and features for our clients and what is to come in the near future. We work around the clock to ensure consistent quality and improvement to all existing features.

Current Features

Pro Trading Platform

The Done.com trading platform provides everything you would need to trade in a more straightforward environment. Allowing chart markup, different order types, and individual visibility settings to keep your workspace focused towards your goal.

Dual Layered Wallets

Use Done.com to securely store your crypto in multi-layered wallet, allowing you to instantly move it and make management easier


The QuickSwap functionality allows you exchange your assets in a split second without waiting for the blockchain to confirm for a flat fee.

Portfolio Tools

Simplified portfolio management with grouping of stable coins, yield based tokens and coins, general crypto and fiat. Making management simple.

Upcoming Features

Business Accounts

For our Canadian clients, we will be leveraging our integrated fiat and Interac EFT system to allow users to setup business accounts. Providing all in one for management, bill pay, etc.

Charts & Tools

Several different charting options including integration into TradingView including user account logins and advanced marking up. As well as a simplified chart for easy market orders.

Staking Crypto

Although we do not offer staking, users will be able to open another layer for staking and interest accounts and for long term holding. All yield can be collected in one place and organized.